In an NSX-T Data Center environment, you can view the resources of the registered Antrea container clusters in read-only mode. You cannot modify or delete the Antrea container cluster resources in NSX-T.

For example, in the NSX-T environment, you cannot modify, add, or remove tags (labels) that are attached to Pods.

Note: After the Antrea container cluster is registered to NSX-T, the Management Plane Adapter connects with the NSX Management Plane and performs a full synchronization of the Antrea cluster resources in the NSX-T inventory. The time required to do a full sync operation is directly proportional to the scale of the cluster. Thereafter, only a delta synchronization operation happens at regular predefined intervals. If the Management Plane Adapter fails due to any reason, the resources are not synced with the NSX-T inventory. Only after the adapter is up again, the resources in the Antrea container cluster are compared with the existing objects in the NSX-T inventory and the difference (delta) is synchronized.