You can upgrade or delete the NSX Malware Prevention feature by using the NSX Application Platform page in the Security tab.

Upgrading NSX Malware Prevention

Upgrading NSX Malware Prevention currently occurs only when NSX Application Platform is upgraded.

See the "Upgrade NSX Application Platform" topic in the Deploying and Managing the VMware NSX Application Platform documentation.

Delete NSX Malware Prevention

If for some reason you want to delete NSX Malware Prevention, use the steps described in this section.

Caution: When you delete the NSX Malware Prevention feature, the system deletes all the data analytics that have been gathered, along with the feature. The action is permanent and results in loss of previously collected data.


  • NSX Application Platform must be in a good state and there are no active alarms.
  • You must have NSX-T Data Center Enterprise Administrator privileges.
  • A valid NSX Data Center edition license is in effect for your NSX Manager session. See System Requirements for NSX IDS/IPS and NSX Malware Prevention for license information.


  1. From your browser, log in with Enterprise Administrator privileges to an NSX Manager at https://nsx-manager-ip-address.
  2. In the NSX Manager UI, select System > NSX Application Platform in the Configuration section.
  3. Navigate to the Features section and in the NSX Malware Prevention feature card, click Actions and select Delete.
  4. Click Delete in the Delete Malware Prevention dialog box.


After a successful deletion, the NSX Malware Prevention feature card returns to a ready-to-activate state.