The WHOIS pop-up window displays registration information and other details about the IP address or hostname of the host you are examining.

It has the following two tabs.


The SUMMARY tab displays the following information about the IP address or hostname.

  • Date information – The date the domain was registered, the date that the domain record was updated, and if available, the expiration date of the domain.

  • Organization – The name of the organization, the organization email addresses, the organization country (country code), the organization phone numbers, the registrar name, and the contact list.

  • Network – The network name, IP address range, AS list,authoritative name servers, and parent networks.

Raw Record

The RAW RECORD tab displays WHOIS data in its raw form.

Information unavailable

If the WHOIS pop-up window displays a warning that information for the given IP address or hostname is unavailable, you can try using a 3rd party. To look-up the host, click View in external tool in the bottom-right of the pop-up window.


The button to the 3rd party provider is always available.