The Clouds > <your public cloud> > Instances section displays details of all instances in your VPC or VNet.

  • You can filter the instance inventory by account, region, and VPC or VNet.
  • Within your selected account, region, and VPC/VNet, you can further filter instances by the following criteria: Powered Off, Managed, Unmanaged, Errored, User Managed, Quarantined, Needs Update, and Horizon VDI. Note that Horizon VDI is only available starting NSX-T Data Center 3.1.1 and only for VNets.

    This screenshot shows the list of attributes that you can apply to filter the instances you are viewing.
  • Each card represents an instance (workload VM) and displays a summary.
  • For details on the instance, click on the card or switch to the grid view. Among other details, you can see the following:

You can add instances to or remove instances from the CSM User Managed list. See User Managed List for VMs for details.