Advertising tier-1 NAT routes from the tier-0 router enables the upstream physical architecture to learn about these routes.


Verify that Manager mode is selected in the NSX Manager user interface. See NSX Manager. If you do not see the Policy and Manager mode buttons, see Configure the User Interface Settings.


  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Select Networking > Tier-0 Logical Routers.
  3. Click a tier-0 logical router that is connected to a tier-1 router on which you have configured NAT.
  4. From the tier-0 router, select Routing > Route Redistribution.
  5. Click Edit to enable or disable route redistribution.
  6. Click Add to add a set of route redistribution criteria.
    Option Description
    Name and Description

    Assign a name to the route redistribution. You can optionally provide a description.

    An example name, advertise-to-bgp-neighbor.

    Sources Select one or more of the following sources:
    • T0 Connected
    • T0 Uplink
    • T0 Downlink
    • T0 CSP
    • T0 Loopback
    • T0 Static
    • T0 NAT
    • T0 DNS Forwarder IP
    • T0 IPSec Local IP
    • T1 Connected
    • T1 CSP
    • T1 Downlink
    • T1 Static
    • T1 LB SNAT
    • T1 NAT
    • T1 LB VIP
    • T1 DNS Forwarder IP
    Route Map (Optional) Assign a route map to filter a sequence of IP addresses from route redistribution.