The Host profile page provides an overview and details about the host you selected from the hosts list in the NSX Network Detection and Response Hosts page.

The Host profile page consists of the following tabs.
Tab Name Description
Overview Provides a summary of the host and is the default view.
Threats Displays the detected incidents, with their associated evidence, network interactions, and IOCs.
Events Displays detection and info events information.
File downloads Lists the files that have been downloaded.

There are controls and buttons along the top of the Host profile page that are common to all of the tabs.

  • Click left arrowhead icon to return to the Hosts page listing.

    Beside the navigation element is the threat level indicator for the host followed by its IP address. If the host is within the home network, the home icon icon is displayed.

  • To launch the Manage alert sidebar, click Host Actions in the upper-right side of the UI, and select Manage alert from the drop-down menu. The Mange Alert - Filters sidebar appears on the right side.

    Use the Manage Alert sidebar to suppress or demote alerts thrown by harmless events from the host, such as the system Test or Blocking events, or to assign custom impact values to events. See Working with the Manage Alert Sidebar for details.