NSX-T Data Center load balancer supports the following features.

  • Layer 4 - TCP and UDP
  • Layer 7 - HTTP and HTTPS with load balancer rules support
  • Server pools - static and dynamic with NSGroup
  • Persistence - Source-IP and Cookie persistence mode
  • Health check monitors - Active monitor which includes HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP, and ICMP, and passive monitor
  • SNAT - Transparent, Automap, and IP List
  • HTTP upgrade - For applications using HTTP upgrade such as WebSocket, the client or server requests for HTTP Upgrade, which is supported. By default, NSX-T Data Center supports and accepts HTTPS upgrade client request using the HTTP application profile.

Note: SSL -Terminate-mode and proxy-mode is not supported in NSX-T Data Center limited export release.

A diagram of load balancer features.