Create a load balancer pool to include virtual machines that consume DLB services.

This task can be done both from the NSX-T Data Center UI and NSX-T Data Center API.

The API command to create a DLB pool is PUT https://<NSXManager_IPaddress>/policy/api/v1/infra/lb-pools/<lb-pool-id>


  • Create a VM group that consumes DLB service.
  • Create and attach a DLB instance to a VM group.


  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Go to Networking > Load Balancing > Server Pools.
  3. Click Add Server Pool.
  4. Enter values in these fields.
    Field Description


    Enter name of the DLB pool.


    Weighted Round Robin, Round Robin, Weighted Least Connection, Least Connection and IP Hash are the supported algorithms. Since Distributed Load Balancer runs locally on each ESXi server, these algorithms are local to each ESXi server. There is no synchronization of load balancing connection information between different ESXi servers of a cluster.

    • Weighted Round Robin: Use this algorithm to send connections to pool members based on the weights assigned to each pool member. For example, if you assign pool member A with weight 3, pool member B with weight 2 and pool member C with weight 1, then out of a total of 6 client connections, pool member A receives 3 connections, pool member B receives 2 connections and pool member C receives 1 connection.
    • Round Robin: Use this algorithm to send equal number of connections to each pool member.
    • Least Connection: Use this algorithm so that a pool member with the least number of active connections. Each pool member is configured to a slow start (Slow Start is set to True). When it receives connections, the status of the pool member is set to Slow Start is False.
    • Weighted Least Connection: Use this algorithm, to send connections to pool members based on the weights assigned to each pool member.
    • IP Hash: Use this algorithm to send connections based on the hash of IP addresses.
      Note: Do not use IP Hash if you want to persist connections to the same pool member even after the number of pool members change.


    Click Select Members and on the Configure Server Pool Members window, do one of the following:

    • Select Enter individual members. To add a new member, click Add Member and enter values in the mandatory fields.
    • Select Select a group and Add Group or select an existing group.

      To add a new group, enter values in these fields.

      • Name
      • Compute Members: Click Set Members to add a group that includes all the pool members.

      • IP Revision Filter: Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

      • Port: Default port for all the dynamic pool members.
    SNAT Translation Mode Set this field to Disabled state. SNAT translation is not supported in a Distributed Load Balancer.
  5. Click Save.


Server pool members are added for the Distributed Load Balancer.

What to do next

See Create a Virtual Server with a Fast TCP or UDP Profile.