Guest introspection policies can be implemented only when a service profile is available in NSX-T Data Center. Service profiles are created from a template provided by the partner. Service Profiles are a way for the administrator to choose protection levels (Gold, Silver, Platinum policy) for a VM by choosing the vendor templates provided by the vendor.

For example, a vendor can provide Gold, Platinum, and Silver policy levels. Each profile created might serve a different type of workload. A Gold service profile provides complete antimalware to a PCI-type workload, while a silver service profile only provides basic antimalware protection to a regular workload.


  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Select Security > Endpoint Protection Rules > Service Profiles .
  3. From the Partner Service field, select the service for which you want to create a service profile.
  4. Click Add Service Profile.
  5. Enter the service profile name and select the vendor template. Optionally, add description and tags.
  6. Click Save.
    The vendor template ID used to create the service profile is passed on to the partner console. Partners store the vendor template ID to track usage of which guest VMs are protected by these vendor template.


After creating service profile, an NSX admin creates rules to associate a service profile to a group of VMs before publishing the policy rule.

What to do next

Apply endpoint protection policy on guest VM groups that need to be protected from malware. See Consume Guest Introspection Policy.