NSX Manager automatically creates groups for load balancer server pools and VIP ports.

Load Balancer created groups are visible under Inventory > Groups.

Server pool groups are created with the name NLB.PoolLB. Pool_Name LB_Name with group member IP addresses assigned:
  • Pool configured with no LB-SNAT (transparent):
  • Pool configured with LB-SNAT Automap: T1-Uplink IP 100.64.x.y and T1-ServiceInterface IP
  • Pool configured with LB-SNAT IP-Pool: LB-SNAT IP-Pool
VIP Groups are created with the name NLB.VIP. virtual server name and the VIP group member IP addresses are VIP IP@.

For server pool groups, you can create an allow traffic distributed firewall rule from the load balancer ( NLB.PoolLB. Pool_Name LB_Name). For Tier-1 gateway firewall, you can create an allow traffic from clients to LB VIP NLB.VIP.virtual server name.