Configuring IP Discovery segment profiles on a group allows a Security Administrator to configure IP discovery profile parameters, and apply them to group members.

Configuring The following static and dynamic group members are supported:
  • Segment
  • Segment Port
  • VM
  • Groups
  • Mix of the above
Profiles on groups only apply if the default profile is applied to the segment or segment port:
Custom Group Profile Custom Profile on Segment (S) and Segment Port(SP) Effective Profile on Port
Custom Default (S), Default (SP) Custom
Custom 1 Default (S), Custom 2 (SP) Custom 2
Custom 1 Custom 2 (S), Default (SP) Custom 2
Custom 1 Custom 2 (S), Custom 3 (SP) Custom 3

Each time a profile is applied to a group a sequence number is specified. If a member is present in multiple groups, the group with the lower sequence number has higher priority.

Discovery Profile Binding Map API
Method API Resource Type
PUT, PATCH, GET, DELETE /infra/domains/<domain-id>/groups/<group-id>/discovery-profile-binding-maps/<binding-map-id> DiscoveryProfileBindingMap
GET /infra/domains/<domain-id>/groups/<group-id>/discovery-profile-binding-maps DiscoveryProfileBindingMapListResult
Parameters for DiscoveryProfileBindingMap
Field Type Description
profile_path Policy Path Required
sequence_number Integer

Required. Sequence number is used to resolve conflicts when two profiles are applied to the same segment or segment port. The low sequence number has higher precedence.

API for Segments and Ports
Method API Resource Type
GET /infra/tier-1s/<tier-1-id>/segments/<segment-id>/effective-profiles




Example Request

POST https://{{policy-ip}}/policy/api/v1/infra/domains/default/groups/TestGroup/discovery-profile-binding-maps/ipdmap

    "profile_path" : "/infra/ip-discovery-profiles/ip-discovery-custom-profile-1",
    "sequence_number" :"10"