Follow these instructions for deploying PCG or linking to a PCG.

NSX Cloud creates networking and security constructs in NSX Manager and your public cloud after PCG is deployed. See Auto-Configurations after PCG Deployment or Linking.

If you are using AWS Transit Gateway, see Using PCG with AWS Transit Gateway.

Note: For Native Cloud PCG deployment, the default admin and root password is same and is set as NSX-<instance-ID>. The instance-ID of the AWS or Azure VM is prefixed. For example, if the instance ID is i-0349f21e34dc27b08, the initial password is set as NSX-i-0349f21e34dc27b08

The root password gets expired by default. If you want to access root shell of the PCG appliance, you must reset the password using the initial password which is NSX-<instance-ID>.