To start the reference host and target hosts with the new custom image containing ESXi and NSX packages, associate the custom image profile.

At this point in the procedure, the custom image is only being associated to the reference and target hosts but NSX installation does not happen.
Important: Perform this custom image association procedure on both reference and target hosts.



  1. On the ESXi host, navigate to Menu > Auto Deploy > Deployed Hosts.
  2. To associate the custom image profile with a host, select the custom image.
  3. Click Edit Image Profile Association.
  4. In the Edit Image Profile Association wizard, click Browse and select the custom depot and select the custom image profile.
  5. Enable Skip image profile signature check.
  6. Click Ok.
    Edit the Image Profile Association for a deployed host and assign it a custom image profile.


What to do next

Set up Network Configuration on the Reference Host. See Set Up Network Configuration on the Reference Host.