After performing RHEL upgrade on the transport node, the status of transport node is in Degraded state because the physical NICs and Bond status is Down.


After performing RHEL upgrade, the status of transport node goes into Degraded state. Physical NICs are Up. But the internal span ports created when running packet capture CLI command are in Down state.


The span ports created after running the packet capture CLI went into Down state because the CLI command was not terminated gracefully. The span ports were not cleaned up from the database.


  1. Verify presence of internal ports on the transport node. In the KVM LCP, run ovs-vsctl show.
  2. Delete the span ports by running the ovs-vsctl del-port <bridge-name> <port-name>.
  3. After deleting the span ports, refresh the host transport node page.
  4. Verify that the PNIC/Bond status on the host transport node.
    The transport node status changes from Degraded to Up.