Use the checklist to track your installation progress on a vSphere host.

Follow the recommended order of procedures.

  1. Review the NSX Manager installation requirements. See NSX Manager Installation.
  2. Configure the necessary ports and protocols. See Ports and Protocols.
  3. Install the NSX Manager. See Install NSX Manager and Available Appliances.
  4. Log in to the newly created NSX Manager. See Log In to the Newly Created NSX Manager.
  5. Configure a compute manager. See Add a Compute Manager.
  6. Deploy additional NSX Manager nodes to form a cluster. See Deploy NSX Manager Nodes to Form a Cluster from the UI.
  7. Review the NSX Edge installation requirements. See NSX Edge Installation Requirements.
  8. Install NSX Edges. See Install an NSX Edge on ESXi Using the vSphere GUI.
  9. Create an NSX Edge cluster. See Create an NSX Edge Cluster.
  10. Create transport zones. See Create Transport Zones.
  11. Create host transport nodes. See Prepare Standalone Hosts as Transport Nodes or Prepare ESXi Cluster Hosts as Transport Nodes.