Add your AWS account using values generated by the script.


  1. Log in to CSM using the Enterprise Administrator role.
  2. Go to CSM > Clouds > AWS.
  3. Click +Add and enter the following details using the output file aws_details.txt generated from the NSX Cloud script:
    Option Description
    Name Enter a descriptive name for this AWS Account
    Access Key Enter your account's Access Key
    Secret Key Enter your account's Secret Key
    Discover Cloud Tags By default this option is enabled and allows your AWS tags to be visible in NSX Manager
    Gateway Role Name The default value is nsx_pcg_service. You can find this value in the output of the script in the file aws_details.txt.

    The AWS account gets added in CSM.

    In the VPCs tab of CSM, you can view all the VPCs in your AWS account.

    In the Instances tab of CSM, you can view the EC2 Instances in this VPC.

  4. (Optional) If you have a brownfield deployment, mark all the VMs as User Managed in the VPC where you want VMs managed to prevent automatic security group assignment under the Quarantine Policy.
  5. (Optional) Manage access to regions. See Managing Regions in CSM.

What to do next

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