If you want to avoid vMotion of VMs to a transport node that is not functional, place that transport node in NSX Maintenance Mode.

To put a transport node in NSX Maintenance Mode, select the node, click Actions → NSX Maintenance Mode.

When you put a host in NSX Maintenance Mode, the transport node cannot participate in networking. Also, VMs running on other transport nodes that have N-VDS or vSphere Distributed Switch as the host switch cannot be vMotioned to this transport node. In addition, logical network cannot be configured on ESXi or KVM hosts.

Scenarios to put the transport node in NSX Maintenance Mode:
  • A transport node is not functional.
  • If a host has hardware or software issues that are unrelated to NSX-T, but you want to retain the node and its configurations in NSX-T, place the host in NSX Maintenance Mode.
  • A transport node is automatically put in NSX Maintenance Mode when an upgrade on that transport node fails.

Any transport node put in the NSX Maintenance Mode is not upgraded.