Skip this topic if there are no OVS packages on the SUSE host. If OVS packages exist on a SUSE host, you must either remove the existing OVS packages and install the NSX-T supported OVS packages or upgrade the existing OVS packages to NSX-T supported ones.

The supported Open vSwitch version is 2.13.1.xxxxxx.


  1. Verify the current version of the Open vSwitch installed on the host.
    ovs-vswitchd --version
    Important: If the existing Open vSwitch packages run the latest or an earlier version, you must replace the existing Open vSwitch packages with the supported version.
  2. Verify if there are existing Open vSwitch packages on the host.
    rpm -qa | grep openvswitch
  3. Navigate to the Open vSwitch packages required by NSX-T Data Center.
    1. Log in to the host as an administrator.
    2. Download and copy the nsx-lcp file into the /tmp directory.
    3. Untar the package.
    4. Navigate to the package directory.
  4. Verify the Open vSwitch packages in the nsx-lcp bundle.

    ls | grep openvswitch

  5. Delete the Open vSwitch packages.
    rpm -e <package1> <package2> <package3>...
  6. If the Open vSwitch packages are successfully deleted on the host, proceed to the NSX Manager UI to prepare the KVM host as a transport node. If the Open vSwitch packages cannot be deleted, then proceed to the next step.
  7. If packages cannot be deleted, upgrade the existing Open vSwitch package version with the supported one.
    rpm -Uv --replacepkgs --oldpackage *openvswitch*.rpm