Use the checklist to track your progress when configuring bare metal server to use NSX-T Data Center.

Follow the recommended order of procedures.

  1. Review the bare metal requirements. See Bare Metal Server System Requirements.
  2. Configure the necessary ports and protocols. See Ports and Protocols.
  3. Install the NSX Manager. See Install NSX Manager on KVM.
  4. Configure third-party packages on the bare metal server. See Install Third-Party Packages on a Physical Server.
  5. Create host transport nodes. See Prepare Standalone Hosts as Transport Nodes.

    A virtual switch is created on each host. The management plane sends the host certificates to the control plane, and the management plane pushes control plane information to the hosts. Each host connects to the control plane over SSL presenting its certificate. The control plane validates the certificate against the host certificate provided by the management plane. The controllers accept the connection upon successful validation.

  6. Create an application interface for bare metal server workload. See Create Application Interface for Physical Server Workloads.