The first step of the migration process is to import the NSX-V configuration. You must also provide a mapping of the NSX-V Edges to the NSX-T gateways.


  • The vCenter Server must be added as a compute manager in NSX-T.

    You can share the vCenter Server that is used in NSX-V or deploy another one in NSX-T.

  • Create an input configuration file in a .json format.

    The migration coordinator uses the mapping information in this configuration file to do the Edge cutover and migrate the DHCP leases from NSX-V Edges to NSX-T Edges. For more information about the contents of the configuration file, see Overview of Input Configuration File.


  1. From a browser, log in to NSX Manager as admin.
  2. Navigate to System > Migrate.
  3. Expand the Advanced Migration Modes section, and in the Edge Cutover pane, click Get Started.
  4. From the Import Configuration page, click Select NSX and provide the credentials for vCenter Server and NSX-V.
    Note: The drop-down menu for vCenter Server displays all vCenter Server systems that are registered as compute managers. Click Add New if you need to add a compute manager.
  5. Click Select File and browse to the .json configuration file that provides the mapping of the NSX-V Edges to the NSX-T gateway. Click Upload.
    After uploading a file, if necessary, you can click Select File again and upload a different file. The previous file is overwritten. You cannot remove the .json file after it is uploaded in the migration coordinator. The migration coordinator removes this configuration file from the NSX Manager appliance only when you take any of the following actions:
    • Roll back the migration on the Import Configuration page of the migration coordinator.
    • Finish the migration on the Migrate Edges page.
  6. Click Start to import the configuration.
  7. When the import has finished, click Continue to proceed to the Resolve Configuration page.
    If the following error situations occur, import configuration can fail at the translate configuration phase:
    • Syntax errors are found in the .json file.
    • The .json file does not conform to a valid JSON schema.
    • Incorrect NSX-T gateway name or NSX-V Edge IDs are mentioned in the configuration file. For example, the NSX-T gateway name that is mentioned in the .json file is not already realized in your NSX-T environment.

    When any of these error situations occur, roll back the migration, resolve the error, and import the configuration again. Apart from the UI displaying the errors, the error messages are also stored in the migration log file (cm.log) on the NSX Manager appliance where the migration coordinator service is running.

    You can find this log file at /var/log/migration-coordinator/v2t.

What to do next

When the NSX-V topology is imported successfully, the View Imported Topology link is enabled. Click this link to view a graph of the imported topology. However, the topology viewer does not display the graph of a large-scale NSX-V environment.