Before you migrate, review the documentation and verify that you have the required software versions. Modify your existing NSX-V environment if needed, and deploy a new NSX-T environment.

Required Software and Versions

  • The version of vRealize Automation that you are using must support this migration. Support for this migration is available starting in vRealize Automation 8.3. See the Release Notes in the vRealize Automation documentation at

    In vRealize Automation, the target NSX-T cloud account must be associated with NSX-T 3.1.1 or later.

Prepare vRealize Automation Environment for Migration

Do the following tasks in vRealize Automation to prepare for the migration:
  • Add a new target NSX-T cloud account in vRealize Automation for the source NSX-V cloud account in your vRealize Automation projects.
  • Create a migration plan to migrate from NSX-V to NSX-T. Complete the following four steps in the migration plan:
    • Step 1: Specify the source and target cloud accounts.
    • Step 2: Assess the NSX cloud accounts for migration readiness.
    • Step 3: Enter maintenance mode for the cloud accounts.
    • Step 4: Generate a deployment configuration file.

    For more information, see the vRealize documentation about migrating NSX-V to NSX-T.

The deployment configuration file in .json format becomes an input to the NSX-T migration coordinator.