If your NSX-Venvironment uses a partner service for Guest Introspection, or both Guest Introspection and Network Introspection, delete the partner service deployment before migration.

You must also delete the Guest Introspection instance (GI-SVM) so that the Guest Introspection module is uninstalled from the clusters.

If your NSX-V environment uses a partner service only for Network Introspection, you have the flexibility to decide whether to delete the partner service deployment before or after the migration. When a partner service deployment is deleted, the partner service virtual machines (SVMs) are removed from the NSX-V-prepared host cluster, and security protection is lost.

Important: Consult the VMware partner before migrating their service that is running on the NSX-V workloads. Check with the partner whether their service is supported for migration to NSX-T and seek their inputs before the migration. Partners will have their own guidance to migrate their services to NSX-T.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client and navigate to Networking and Security > Installation and Upgrade > Service Deployment.
  2. Select the deployed service and click Delete.