You can clean up file system changes made by the bootstrap container.

Note: If the nsx-node-agent DaemonSet is removed, OVS is no longer running on the host (in the container or in the host's PID).

You can create the nsx-ncp-cleanup DaemonSet to undo the system changes made by the nsx-ncp-bootstrap DaemonSet. This DaemonSet must only be created if you previously applied the NCP YAML file (ncp-ubuntu.yaml or ncp-rhel.yaml) and have not deleted them. Note that the nsx-ncp-cleanup DaemonSet will uninstall NSX CNI, which will result in an invalid Kubernetes node state.

To create the DaemonSet, perform the following steps:
  • Delete the nsx-ncp-bootstrap and nsx-node-agent DaemonSets. For example, you can run the following commands with the appropriate namespace name:
    kubectl delete ds nsx-ncp-bootstrap -n <namespace>
    kubectl delete ds nsx-node-agent -n <namespace>
  • Run kubectl apply -f ncp-cleanup-ubuntu.yaml or kubectl apply -f ncp-cleanup-rhel.yaml, depending on your host OS, from the command line on the Kubernetes master node.

To make the node usable again, run kubectl apply -f ncp-ubuntu.yaml or kubectl apply -f ncp-rhel.yaml, depending on your host OS.