An attempt to increase the volume size of the data storage disk failed.


After invoking the Scale Up operation on the Data Storage service, the system displays an error message similar to the following.
failed to scale up DATA_STORAGE in stage resize persistent volume: failed to wait pvc resizing: timeout waiting for minio pvc resizing


  • Your Tanzu Kubernetes cluster (TKC) or upstream Kubernetes cluster does not support volume resizing.

  • Your TKC or upstream Kubernetes cluster might not have enough free disk space to allow for the expansion of the existing volumes.


  • Work with your infrastructure administrator to enable volume expansion on the TKC or upstream Kubernetes cluster that the NSX Application Platform uses.

    The Scale Up operation is currently not supported if your cluster does not support the expansion of volumes that are attached to the running pod. Specifically, the Scale Up operation is not supported for TKC versions 1.17.x and 1.18.x.

  • Ask your infrastructure administrator to properly expand the Persistent Volume size of the MinIO StatefulSet container that is currently in use.