The upgrade sequence upgrades the Management Plane at the end. When the Management Plane upgrade is in progress, avoid any configuration changes from any of the nodes.

Note: After you initiate the upgrade, the NSX Manager user interface is briefly inaccessible.


Verify that the NSX Edge cluster is upgraded successfully. See Upgrade NSX Edge Cluster.


  1. Backup the NSX Manager.
    See the NSX-T Data Center Administration Guide.
  2. Click Start to upgrade the Management plane.
  3. Accept the upgrade notification.
    You can safely ignore any upgrade related errors such as, HTTP service disruption that appears at this time. These errors appear because the Management plane is rebooting during the upgrading.
  4. Monitor the upgrade progress from the NSX Manager CLI for the orchestrator node. The NSX Manager user interface might be inaccessible.
    get upgrade progress-status
    Note: Do not reboot the appliance while the upgrade is in progress. It might take several minutes for all the nodes to be upgraded and for the cluster to reach a stable state.

    You can log in to the NSX Manager user interface when get upgrade progress-status indicates that the upgrade is successful and the NSX Manager services have started.

  5. In the CLI, log in to the NSX Manager to check the cluster status and verify that the services have started.
    • get service

      When the services start, the Service state appears as running. Some of the services include, SSH, install-upgrade, and manager.

      get service lists the IP address of the orchestrator node. See Enabled on. Use this IP address throughout the upgrade process.
      Note: Ensure that you do not use any type of Virtual IP address to upgrade NSX-T Data Center.

      If the services are not running, troubleshoot the problem. See the NSX-T Data Center Troubleshooting Guide.

    • get cluster status

      If the group status is not Stable, troubleshoot the problem. See the NSX-T Data Center Troubleshooting Guide.

What to do next

Perform post-upgrade tasks or troubleshoot errors depending on the upgrade status. See Post-Upgrade Tasks or Troubleshooting Upgrade Failures.