Begin the upgrade process by downloading the NSX Cloud upgrade bundle.

The NSX Cloud upgrade bundle contains all the files to upgrade the NSX Cloud infrastructure. Before you begin the upgrade process, you must download the correct upgrade bundle version.


  1. In the VMware download portal, locate the NSX-T Data Center version available to upgrade and navigate to Product Downloads > NSX Cloud Upgrade Bundle for NSX-T <version>.
  2. Verify that the main upgrade bundle (.mub) filename has a format similar to VMware-CC-upgrade-bundle-ReleaseNumberNSXBuildNumber.mub.
    Note: This is a separate file and must be downloaded in addition to the NSX-T Data Center upgrade bundle.
  3. Click Download Now to download the NSX Cloud upgrade bundle.
    Note: The upgrade bundle is uploaded into CSM. Download it either on the same system from where you access the CSM UI, or note the location of the system where you download it, to provide a remote URL of this system into CSM for uploading.

What to do next

Upgrade the Upgrade Coordinator in CSM.