VMware NSX-T Data Center™ provides an agile software-defined infrastructure to build cloud-native application environments.

NSX-T Data Center focuses on providing networking, security, automation, and operational simplicity for emerging application frameworks and architectures that have heterogeneous endpoint environments and technology stacks. NSX-T Data Center supports cloud-native applications, bare metal workloads, multi-hypervisor environments, public clouds, and multiple clouds.

NSX-T Data Center is designed for management, operation, and consumption by development organizations. NSX-T Data Center allows IT teams and development teams to select the technologies best suited for their applications.

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Archived Documentation

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Additional Resources

  • NSX-T Data Center Migration Coordinator Guide
    This guide includes information about migrating the following by using the migration coordinator:
    • Networking configurations from VMware vSphere® to an NSX-T Data Center environment.
    • Integration of VMware vRealize Automation from NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center.
  • NSX-T Data Center Reference Design Guide

    This design guide targets virtualization and network architects interested in deploying NSX-T Data Center solutions. Chapters 2 through 6 explain the architectural building blocks of NSX-T as a full stack solution, providing a detail functioning of NSX-T components, features and scope. The design chapter (Chapter 7) offers guidance for a variety of factors including physical infrastructure considerations, compute node requirements, and variably sized environments from small to enterprise scale.

  • NSX-T Data Center Product Page

    Provides an overview and introduction of the NSX-T Data Center. Key features, benefits, use cases, customer stories and resources for NSX-T Data Center are featured here.

  • NSX-T Data Center Blog

    This page features articles under the headings of threat intelligence, modern network, VMworld, IDS/IPS, and firewalling. Trending topics such as service mesh are highlighted, and display all articles pertaining to the trending topic.

  • NSX-T Data Center Hands-on Labs (HOL)

    This catalog provides all the labs offered by VMware. You can search for labs, view lab details, and enroll in labs. Labs include NSX-T-Getting Started, NSX Cloud Consistent Networking and Security across Enterprise, AWS & Azure Lightning Lab, and the VMware NSX Migration Coordinator.

  • NSX-T Data Center Training and Demo videos

    There are over 62 videos listed on the VMware NSX YouTube channel. Videos range from 5 to 20 minutes long, and cover a wide variety of topics such as micro-segmentation, NSX Edge bridge demo, and NSX cross cloud security. Subscribe to the channel to be kept up to date on new videos.

  • NSX-T Data Center Load Balancing Encyclopedia

    This document gives you a deep dive into NSX-T Load Balancing configuration and management. It lists all NSX-T LB capabilities (LB Deployment, Monitor, Server Pool, L4 VIP, L7-HTTP VIP, L7-HTTPS VIP, LB Rules, and Troubleshooting), with detailed examples for each.

  • NSX-T Data Center Multi-Location Design Guide

    This document provides details on the pros and cons of NSX-T Data Center’s multi-location solutions: Multisite and NSX-T Federation. It also offers a deep dive into the implementation strategies, and guidance on best practices for configuring network and security services in each solution.