The cluster backup is used to restore the desired network state. You must restore a cluster backup before restoring a node backup.



  1. Check the status of the NSX Manager is STABLE before restoring the backup.
      "control_cluster_status" : {
        "status" : "NO_CONTROLLERS"
      "mgmt_cluster_status" : {
        "online_nodes" : [ {
          "mgmt_cluster_listen_ip_address" : "",
          "uuid" : "422E901F-B167-DA0A-951F-C0278CA8A4BA"
        } ],
        "status" : "STABLE"

    The control cluster status is NO_CONTROLLERS because the control cluster will not connect to the NSX Manager until the node backup has been restored.

  2. Send a cluster backup restore API request, POST /api/v1/cluster/backups?action=restore, which copies the backup file from a remote location and restores it on the NSX Manager appliance. Specify the backup file and location information in the API request.
    Restore Request Fields:


    The passphrase specified when the backup was created. If you don't know this password, you cannot restore this backup.


    The remote server where the backup files are stored.


    The backup file path on the remote server.


    The SSH fingerprint of the remote server where the backup files are stored. See Find the SSH Fingerprint of a Remote Server.


    The username used to log in to the remote server to copy the backup files.


    The password used to log in to the remote server to copy the backup files.

    Example cluster backup restore request:

        "restore_file": {
            "passphrase" : "7Taspa5anecR", 
            "file_store" : "remote", 
            "server" : "", 
            "uri" : "/vol0/backups/", 
            "protocol" : { 
                "name" : "scp", 
                "ssh_fingerprint" : "b508dfc65562e46e95707c25baf246f1", 
                "authentication_scheme" : { 
                    "scheme_name" : "password", 
                    "username" : "admin" , 
                    "password" : "4uhasWak" 
  3. Wait for the system to become stable again.
  4. Disable automatic backups.
    1. Log in to the NSX Manager Virtual Appliance.
    2. Click System > Utilities > Backup.
    3. Click Edit in the upper right of the page.
    4. Click the Automatic Backup toggle to disable automatic backups.


You can enable automatic backups once again after completing the backup and restore helper script.

What to do next

Restart all NSX Controllers to remove any cached data before the node backup is restored, and before the NSX Manager and NSX Controllers synchronize. See Reboot NSX Controller Cluster Members.