To prepare hosts to participate in NSX-T, you must install NSX-T kernel modules on Ubuntu KVM hosts. This allows you to build the NSX-T control-plane and management-plane fabric. NSX-T kernel modules packaged in DEB files run within the hypervisor kernel and provide services such as distributed routing, distributed firewall, and bridging capabilities.

About this task

You can download the NSX-T DEBs manually and make them part of the host image. Be aware that download paths can change for each release of NSX-T. Always check the NSX-T downloads page to get the appropriate DEBs.



  1. Log in to the host as a user with administrative privileges.
  2. (Optional) Navigate to the /tmp directory.
    cd /tmp
  3. Download and copy the nsx-lcp file into the /tmp directory.
  4. Untar the package.
    tar -xvf nsx-lcp-<release>-ubuntu-trusty_amd64.tar.gz
  5. Navigate to the package directory.
    cd nsx-lcp-trusty_amd64/
  6. Install the packages.
    sudo dpkg -i *.deb


To verify, you can run the dpkg –l | grep nsx command.

user@host:~$ dpkg -l | grep nsx

ii  nsx-agent                           <release>     amd64        NSX Agent
ii  nsx-aggservice                      <release>     all          NSX Aggregation Service Lib
ii  nsx-cli                             <release>     all          NSX CLI
ii  nsx-da                              <release>     amd64        NSX Inventory Discovery Agent
ii  nsx-host                            <release>     all          NSX host meta package
ii  nsx-host-node-status-reporter       <release>     amd64        NSX Host Status Reporter for Aggregation Service
ii  nsx-lldp                            <release>     amd64        NSX LLDP Daemon
ii  nsx-logical-exporter                <release>     amd64        NSX Logical Exporter
ii  nsx-mpa                             <release>     amd64        NSX Management Plane Agent Core
ii  nsx-netcpa                          <release>     amd64        NSX Netcpa
ii  nsx-sfhc                            <release>     amd64        NSX Service Fabric Host Component
ii  nsx-transport-node-status-reporter  <release>     amd64        NSX Transport Node Status Reporter
ii  nsxa                                <release>     amd64        NSX L2 Agent

Any errors are most likely caused by incomplete dependencies. The apt-get install -f command will attempt to resolve dependencies and re-run the NSX-T installation.

What to do next

Add the host to the NSX-T management plane. See Join the Hypervisor Hosts with the Management Plane.