CIFs (container interfaces) are network interfaces on containers that are connected to logical ports on a switch. These ports are called CIF-attached logical ports.

You can manage CIF-attached logical ports from the NSX Manager GUI.

Managing CIF-Attached Logical Ports

Navigate to Switching > PORTS to see all logical ports, including CIF-attached logical ports. Click the attachment link of a CIF-attached logical port to see the attachment information. Click the logical port link to open a window pane with four tabs: Overview, Monitor, Manage, and Related. Clicking Related > Logical Ports shows the related logical port on an uplink switch. For more information about switch ports, see the NSX-T Administration Guide.

Network Monitoring Tools

The following tools support CIF-attached logical ports. For more information about these tools, see the NSX-T Administration Guide.

  • Traceflow

  • Port Connection


  • Remote port mirroring using GRE encapsulation of a logical switch port that connects to a container is supported. For more information, see "Understanding Port Mirroring Switching Profile" in the NSX-T Administration Guide. However, port mirroring of the CIF to VIF port is not supported.

Distributed network encryption is not supported in this release.