Before you begin the upgrade process, it is important to test the NSX-T working state. Otherwise, you cannot determine if the upgrade caused post-upgrade problems or if the problem existed before the upgrade.

About this task


Do not assume that everything is working before you start to upgrade the NSX-T infrastructure.


  1. Identify administrative user IDs and passwords.
  2. Verify that you can log in to the NSX Manager Web user interface.
  3. From the NSX Manager user interface, check the Dashboard, fabric hosts, NSX Edge cluster, transport nodes, and all logical entities to make sure that all the status indicators are green, normal, deployed, and do not show any warnings.
  4. Validate North-South connectivity by pinging out from a VM.
  5. Validate that there is East-West connectivity between any two VMs in your environment.
  6. Record BGP states on the NSX Edge devices.
    • get logical-routers

    • vrf

    • get bgp

    • get bgp neighbor

  7. (Optional) If you have a test environment, test the upgrade and post-upgrade functionality before upgrading your production environment.