Edge groups consist of NSX Edge nodes that are part of NSX Edge clusters. You can reorder Edge groups and enable or disable an Edge group from the upgrade sequence.

About this task


You cannot move an NSX Edge node from one Edge group to another because the Edge group membership is determined by the NSX Edge cluster membership prior to the upgrade.

The NSX Edge nodes are upgraded consecutively by default so that the upgrading node is down and the other nodes in the NSX Edge clusters remain active to continuously forward traffic.


  • Verify that the hosts are upgraded successfully. See Upgrade Hosts.

  • Familiarize yourself with the upgrade impact during and after the NSX Edge cluster upgrade. See NSX Edge Clusters Upgrade.


  1. Complete the NSX Edge clusters overall upgrade plan details.




    Upgrade all the Edge groups consecutively.

    This menu item is selected by default. This selection is applied to the overall upgrade sequence.

    For example, if the overall upgrade is set to the parallel mode and the Edge group upgrade is set to the serial mode, the Edge groups are upgraded at once and the NSX Edge nodes are upgraded one at a time .


    Upgrade all the Edge groups simultaneously.

    When an upgrade unit fails to upgrade

    Selected by default to let you to fix an error on the Edge node and continue the upgrade.

    You cannot deselect this setting.

    After each group completes

    Select to pause the upgrade process after each Edge group finishes upgrading.

    By default, the upgrade pauses when all the NSX Edge clusters are updated. After you review the upgrade result, you can proceed to upgrade the next Edge group or the NSX Controller cluster.

  2. (Optional) Reorder the upgrade sequence of an Edge group.

    If you configure the overall group upgrade as serial, you can reorder the Edge groups serving internal networks or Edge groups interfacing with external networks to be upgraded first.

    You cannot reorder the NSX Edge nodes within an Edge group.

    1. Select the Edge group and click the Actions tab.
    2. Select Reorder from the drop-down menu.
    3. Select Before or After from the drop-down menu.
    4. Click Save.
  3. (Optional) Disable an Edge group from the upgrade sequence.

    You can disable some Edge groups and upgrade them later.

    1. Select the Edge group and click the Actions tab.
    2. Select Set State > Disabled to disable the Edge group.
    3. Click Save.
  4. (Optional) Click Reset to revert to the default state.

    After reset, you cannot restore your previous configuration.

  5. Click Start to upgrade the NSX Edge clusters.
  6. Monitor the upgrade process.

    You can view the overall upgrade status and specific progress of each Edge group in real time. The upgrade duration depends on the number of Edge groups you have in your environment.

    You can pause the upgrade to configure the Edge group that is not upgraded and restart the upgrade.

    When the upgrade finishes, the status of each Edge group appears as successful or failed. NSX Edge cluster upgrade status.

  7. In CLI, log in to each NSX Edge node and verify that the product version is updated.

    get version

What to do next

You can proceed with the upgrade if the process is successful. See Upgrade NSX Controller Cluster.

If there are upgrade errors, you must resolve the errors. See Troubleshoot a Failed Upgrade.