When you install or upgrade NSX Manager, you can choose to join the CEIP. You can join or leave the CEIP at a later time. You can also define the frequency and the days the information is collected.


  • Verify that the NSX manager is connected and can sync with vCenter Server.

  • Verify that DNS is configured on NSX Manager.

  • Verify that NSX is connected to a public network for uploading data.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Select Networking & Security.
  3. Under Networking & Security Inventory, select NSX Managers.
  4. Double-click the NSX Manager you want to modify.
  5. Click the Summary tab.
  6. Click Edit in the Customer Experience Improvement Program dialog box.
  7. Select or deselect the Join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program option.
  8. (Optional) Configure the recurrence settings.
  9. Click OK.