This example describes how to remove a third-party integration solution from NSX.

About this task

There is a correct order of software when removing any third-party software solution. If this sequence is not followed and specifically if the third-party solution is uninstalled or deleted before it is unregistered with NSX Manager, the removal operation will fail. See for instructions on how to resolve this.


  1. In the Sphere Web Client, navigate to Networking & Security > Service Composer, and delete the rules (or security polices) that are redirecting traffic to the 3rd-party solution.
  2. Navigate to Service Definitions and double-click the name of the third-party solution.
  3. Click Related Objects and delete the related objects.
  4. Navigate to Installation > Service Deployments and delete the third-party deployment.

    This action uninstalls the associated VMs.

  5. Return to Service Definitions and delete any sub-components of the definition.
  6. In the service instance, delete the service profile.
  7. Delete the service instance.
  8. Delete the service definition.


The third-party integration solution is removed from NSX.

What to do next

Make notes of the configuration settings, and then remove NSX from the third-party solution. For example, you may need to delete rules that reference other objects and then delete the objects.