About this task

To import the server certificate as a certificate that is chained with the intermediary certificate on the NSX Edge:


For a certificate chain you need a server certificate and an intermediate certificate.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click Networking & Security and then click NSX Edges.
  3. Double-click an NSX Edge.
  4. Click the Manage tab and then ensure that you are in the Settings tab.
  5. Click Certificates.
  6. Click the Add (add icon) icon and select CA Certificate.
  7. In the Certificates Contents field paste the contents of the server cert.pem file and then append the content of the .pem file of the intermediary certificate. Both the NSX Server Certificate and the CA Certificates must be included in the contents. Click OK.

    The certificate chain should be entered in the following order:

     -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
    Server cert
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    Intermediate cert
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----


After the certificates are imported the server certificate chained with its intermediary certificates should be displayed under Certificate Details.