You can connect multiple sites to the L2 VPN server.

About this task


Changing site configuration settings causes the NSX Edge to disconnect and reconnect all existing connections.


  1. In the L2 VPN tab, ensure that the L2 VPN Mode is Server.
  2. In Site Configuration Details, click the Add icon.
  3. Type a unique name for the peer site.
  4. Type the user name and password with which the peer site is to be authenticated. User credentials on the peer site should be the same as those on the client side.
  5. In Stretched Interfaces, click Select Sub Interfaces to select the sub interfaces to be stretched with the client.
    1. In Select Object, select the trunk interface for the Edge.

      Sub interfaces configured on the trunk vNIC are displayed.

    2. Double-click the sub interfaces to be stretched.
    3. Click OK.
  6. If the default gateway for virtual machines is same across the two sites, type the gateway IP addresses for which the traffic should be locally routed or for which traffic is to be blocked over the tunnel in Egress Optimization Gateway Address.
  7. Click OK and then click Publish Changes.