You can view UDP and TCP connections from and to a selected vNIC. In order to view traffic between two virtual machines, you can view live traffic for one virtual machine on one computer and the other virtual machine on a second computer. You can view traffic for a maximum of two vNICs per host and for 5 vNICs per infrastructure.

About this task

Viewing live flows can affect the performance of NSX Manager and the corresponding virtual machine.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Select Networking & Security from the left navigation pane and then select Flow Monitoring.
  3. Click the Live Flow tab.
  4. Click Browse and select a vNIC.
  5. Click Start to begin viewing live flow.

    The page refreshes every 5 seconds. You can select a different frequency from the Refresh Rate drop-down. live

  6. Click Stop when your debugging or troubleshooting is done to avoid affecting the performance of NSX Manager or the selected virtual machine.