Before you start editing an existing system trap, you must check whether the newly enabled SNMP service or updated SNMP is working properly.


Verify that you have SNMP configured. See Configure SNMP Settings.


  1. Verify SNMP configuration and receiver connection.
    1. Select the Manage > System Events tabs.
    2. Click Edit to configure the SNMP settings.

      Do not change the settings in the dialog box.

    3. Click OK.

    A warmStart trap with OID is sent out to all the SNMP receivers.

  2. Debug SNMP configuration or receiver problems.
    1. If the SNMP receiver does not receive the traps, verify that the SNMP receiver is running on a configured port.
    2. Check the accuracy of the receiver details under the SNMP settings section.
    3. If the SNMP receiver stops receiving a vmwHbHeartbeat trap with OID every five minutes, check whether the NSX Manager appliance or the NSX Manager SNMP agent is working.
    4. If the Heartbeat trap stops, check whether the SNMP service is disabled or test whether the network connectivity between the NSX Manager and the SNMP receiver is working.