Firewall rules can be edited and published from the Application Rule Manager.

About this task

After firewall rules have been created they can be managed in the Firewall Rules tab of the Application Rule Manager.


Create firewall rules from a flow monitoring session.


After you have created firewall rules from a flow monitoring session, they appear in the Firewall Rules tab. Select one of the following options:




  1. Click Publish to publish the created firewall rules. The rules are published as a new section.

  2. Enter a Section Name for the firewall rule

  3. Select where the new firewall section will be inserted in the existing firewall configuration.

  4. Click OK.


Select the pencil icon to edit the firewall rules.


Select the red X icon to delete the firewall rule.

Down Arrow

Select the down arrow icon to move the rule down

Up Arrow

Select the up arrow icon to move the rule up.


When firewall rules are published from Application Rule Manager, the section name is added to the Publish button. Any subsequent publishing from the Application Rule Manager overrides the existing section in the Firewall Configuration with the rules which are currently available in the Application Rule Manager.