You can edit the IP address assigned to a MAC address to correct the assigned IP address.

About this task


SpoofGuard accepts a unique IP address from virtual machines. However, you can assign an IP address only once. An approved IP address is unique across NSX. Duplicate approved IP addresses are not allowed.


  1. In the SpoofGuard tab, select a policy.

    Policy details are displayed below the policy table.

  2. In View, click one of the option links.



    Active Virtual NICs

    List of all validated IP addresses

    Active Virtual NICs Since Last Published

    List of IP addresses that have been validated since the policy was last updated

    Virtual NICs IP Required Approval

    IP address changes that require approval before traffic can flow to or from these virtual machines

    Virtual NICs with Duplicate IP

    IP addresses that are duplicates of an existing assigned IP address within the selected datacenter

    Inactive Virtual NICs

    List of IP addresses where the current IP address does not match the published IP address

    Unpublished Virtual NICs IP

    List of virtual machines for which you have edited the IP address assignment but have not yet published

  3. For the appropriate vNIC, click the Edit icon and make appropriate changes.
  4. Click OK.