You can edit the default VPN settings.


  1. In the SSL VPN-Plus tab, select General Settings from the left panel.
  2. Make required selections.



    Prevent multiple logon using same username

    Allow a remote user to login only once with a username.

    Enable compression

    Enable TCP based intelligent data compression and improve data transfer speed.

    Enable logging

    Maintain a log of the traffic passing through the SSL VPN gateway.

    Force virtual keyboard

    Allow remote users to enter web or client login information only via the virtual keyboard.

    Randomize keys of virtual keyboard

    Make the virtual keyboard keys random.

    Enable forced timeout

    Disconnect the remote user after the specified timeout period is over. Type the timeout period in minutes.

    Session idle timeout

    If there is no activity on the user session for the specified period, end the user session after that period is over.

    SSLVPN idle timeout considers all packets, including control packets sent by any Application and user data, towards timeout detection. As a result, even if there is no user data, the session won't timeout if there is an application which transmits a periodic control packet (such as MDNS).

    User notification

    Type a message to be displayed to the remote user after he logs in.

  3. Click OK.