A replication cluster is a set of hypervisors responsible for forwarding broadcast traffic sent from the hardware gateway. The broadcast traffic can be unknown unicast and multicast traffic.


The replication nodes and the hardware gateway switches cannot be on the same IP subnet.


Verify that you have hypervisors to serve as replication nodes available.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Select Networking & Security > Service Definitions.
  3. Click the Hardware Devices tab.
  4. Click Edit in the Replication Cluster section to select hypervisors to serve as replication nodes in this replication cluster.
  5. Select hypervisors and click the blue arrow.

    Hypervisors selected to serve as replication nodes in the replication cluster.

    The selected hypervisors move to the selected objects column.

  6. Click OK.


The replication nodes are added to the replication cluster. At least one host must exist in the replication cluster.