VMware NSX-T Data Center   |  21 April 2022  |  Build 19603102

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

NSX-T Data Center is an express patch release that comprises bug fixes and open source component updates. See "Resolved Issues" below for the list of issues resolved in this release.

See the VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.0.3 Release Notes for the current known issues.

Document Revision History

April 21, 2022. First edition.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed Issue 2934831: Load balancer server pool status is down and pool member status is unused.

    Load balancer and Virtual server show up as "Unknown" after NSX-T Edge upgrade. Pool status shows as "down" and Pool member status shows as "unused". Load balancer traffic is not working.

  • Fixed Issue 2928576: L3 ping between VMs using IPv6 address does not work if the TransportNode is configured with multiple LAG based teaming policy.

    L3 connectivity across hosts may not work correctly. VM traffic that will use non-member LAG uplinks will be impacted.

  • Fixed Issue 2845940: T0 SR backplane IP doesn't move to peer SR when the SR failover because the pNIC that is backing the T0 uplink goes down.

    Traffic from HV may be blackholed if traffic is forwarded to backplane IP that didn't move.

  • Fixed Issue 2928582: TSO performance drop with Antrea over NSX.

    Network connectivity between PODs is impacted.

  • Fixed Issue 2693120: NSX-T Data Center DHCP does not support broadcast bit in protocol.

    Legacy devices with outdated TCP/IP stacks may not get IP addresses using DHCP. This occurs because NSX-T Data Center DHCP does not support broadcast bit in protocol.

  • Fixed Issue 2928592: Tunnel client might experience packet drop in iochain when LAG is used.

    Connectivity lost.

  • Fixed Issue 2928593: If there are BGP sessions from VRF and Default VRF, and if any one of the VRF's BGP sessions is up, then whole T0-SR is considered as Active.

    Traffic drop at some of the VRF.

  • Fixed Issue 2845933: The 'rx_misses' counter for datapath interfaces using Mellanox NICs always shows a value of 0.

    Packet drop by the NIC is not observable. This makes it hard to diagnose problems that are caused by packet drop in hardware due to the datapath software's inability to process all packets received by the NIC.

  • Fixed Issue 2928599: DHCP relay cannot relay DHCPNAK with yiaddr as

    Customer's VM may retry DHCP request to get the IP that it is expecting. The server cannot tell client try to give up this expected IP since DHCPNAK packet is lost.

  • Fixed Issue 2655283: Datapath can crash if there is Application Layer Gateway (ALG) traffic (such as ftp).

    The datapath will flap and recover.

  • Fixed Issue 2704737: OVS included in NSX-T Data Center version 2.5.0 does not compile on recent Ubuntu kernels. 

    You are not able to install NSX-T Data Center on Ubuntu kernels versions 4.15.0-76-generic or greater. 

  • Fixed Issue 2867619: ESXi host can PSOD during NSX-T upgrade when there is a mass migration of DFW filters where flows are being revalidated while configuration cycle is occurring.

    Host PSOD occurs.

  • Fixed Issue 2928611: ESXi Host PSODs when running in ENS polling mode and a normal latency VM is started on a NUMA node on which all the Lcores are designated are high priority.

    The ESXi Host PSODs.

  • Fixed Issue 2882290: In multiple VTEP configurations, the edge may use the mac of local vtep1 for local vtep2 as icmp reply’s src IP.

    The ACI may drop the pkt due to this pkt.

  • Fixed Issue 2928581: CPU Core 0 or 1 drops traffic while other CPU cores handle a similar traffic amount without drop.

    Customer experiences packet drops on edge VMs.

  • Fixed Issue 2928590: Qualys scan detects that the Content-Security-Policy HTTP Header is missing.

    Customers may be uncomfortable deploying the system without proper handling of the HTTP header.

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