VMware NSX-T Data Center   |  26 August 2021  |  Build 18504668

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What's in the Release Notes

NSX-T Data Center is an express patch release that comprises bug fixes only. See "Resolved Issues" below for the list of issues resolved in this release. See the VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1.3 Release Notes for the current known issues.

Document Revision History

August 26, 2021. First edition.
September 16, 2021. Second edition. Added resolved issue 2777206.
April 6, 2022. Third edition. Updated resolved issue 2810974.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed Issue 2741107: After upgrading a Local Manager, few/all entities may not show up on the UI.

    You may not be able to view all the data on the UI.

  • Fixed Issue 2761055: False capacity breach alarm seen for prefix list count.

    You will see a false alarm.

  • Fixed Issue 2766468: Unable to sync the objects to standby Global Manager after restore.

    Updates are not observed on the standby Global Manager from the active Global Manager after the standby Global Manager is restored.

  • Fixed Issue 2779364: After upgrading from NSX-T 3.0.2 to 3.1.2, host started logging and then crashed with PSOD exceptions 13 and 14.

    Environment impacted due to host crashes.

  • Fixed Issue 2793779: Upgrade from NSX-T 2.5 to 3.1 fails if the principal identity for policy does not have a certificate.

    Upgrade fails from NSX-T 2.5 to 3.1.

  • Fixed Issue 2795874: Unable to start service container on NSX Edge after exiting maintenance mode.

    Traffic may be affected.

  • Fixed Issue 2801353: IPv6 NDRA profile configuration change at Logical Router is not applied to previously created segments.

    NDRA remains disabled/enabled on the Downlink port irrespective of its state on the Logical Router.

  • Fixed Issue 2810389: IP Tables rules are not correctly set in NSX Unified Appliance.

    Traffic Filtering in management appliance is not properly configured potentially exposing it to attack.

  • Fixed Issue 2810974: Edge firewall does not process FTP's active, passive, and extended passive mode commands properly.

    FTP data transfers may fail, depending on the setting of the default rule.

  • Fixed Issue 2811090: The config option TeamPolicyUpDelay setting is not honored.

    The uplink link up event is handled earlier than expected, which might cause network connectivity loss.

  • Fixed Issue 2811545: During full sync between Management Plane and Central Control Plane, state sync provides data from stale cache.

    Management Plane and Central Control Plane data are out of sync.

  • Fixed Issue 2812341: Inter-SR (service router) iBGP (internal BGP) sessions keep flapping when intermediate routers or physical NICs have lower or equal MTU as the inter-SR port.

    This can impact inter-site connectivity in federation topologies and inter-SR connectivity in non-federation topologies.

  • Fixed Issue 2812346: Packets to DC-GW are dropped by Edge.

    Packets to DC-GW will be black holes at Edge for some VRFs.

  • Fixed Issue 2812354: SHA daemon stuck during exit/recovery process.

    The node status of the host becomes "unknown" though it is still alive. The issue cannot recover automatically.

  • Fixed Issue 2813805: Host crash due to slab allocation error.

    Operations carried out by the concerned hosts will be down until reboot.

  • Fixed Issue 2813932: Unexpected warning logs are generated and sent to Log Insight.

    These harmless logs are for future features.

  • Fixed Issue 2815796: NSX-T upgrade fails when virtual infrastructure latency is enabled in vRNI.

    NSX-T host component upgrade fails.

  • Fixed Issue 2815959: Excessive files /config/vmware/edge/frr/reload*.txt are being generated.

    This can impact connectivity if the Edge is overloaded or VTEP goes down.

  • Fixed Issue 2777206: RTM, a variable to keep track of upgrade in progress, is not reset to 0 after a software upgrade is completed.

    After NSX-T is upgraded, DFW rules are not applied to hosts.

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