VMware NSX-T Data Center   |  28 February 2022  |  Build 19380457

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What's in the Release Notes

NSX-T Data Center is an update release that comprises critical bug fixes for issues from prior releases. See "Resolved Issues" below for the list of issues resolved in this release. See the VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1.3 Release Notes for the current known issues.

Important Information about NSX-T Data Center

Please be advised that the VMware NSX team has identified an issue with NSX-T Edge in NSX-T Data Center, and has decided to withdraw the release from the download pages in favor of NSX-T Data Center

Customers who have downloaded and deployed NSX-T Data Center remain supported but are advised to upgrade to NSX-T Data Center See knowledge base article 87627 for details. 

Document Revision History

February 28, 2022. First edition.
March 2, 2022. Second edition. Added important information about NSX-T Data Center Added resolved issue 2909448.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed Issue 2914711: Datapathd process running on an edge node crashes and generates a core dump.

    If the issue occurs and generates a coredump, an edge failover would be triggered. And during this time a traffic outage would happen.

  • Fixed Issue 2901304: Broadcast arp request can loop between edges if the destination IP is not associated with a real VM.

    This causes arp request looping around between the edges and the learning thread may get very busy. Some arp processes may fail.

  • Fixed Issue 2907266: Repeated load balancer nginx process crashes.

    The nginx process in the Edge load balancer crashes repeatedly when persistence, server keepalive, application rule are enabled together. The load balancer service is unavailable from time to time.

  • Fixed Issue 2897740: Unable to update IDS/IPS signatures in a federated environment.

    "Update Now" hyperlink on UI becomes available to update the Signature Version. However, the task never completes when the hyperlink is clicked. Signature auto-download or on-demand signature update will not work.

  • Fixed Issue 2909448: Memory leak when sending traffic to L4 load balancer.

    The edge would be out of memory and the traffic would stop working after hours of traffic to L4 load balancer.

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