Back up and restore NSX Manager that is configured in VMware vCenter from the vSphere Client.

Note: When you restore NSX Manager, use the nsx-unified-appliance-<releaseversion.buildversion>.ova file.


  1. From your browser, log in with admin privileges to a vCenter Server (version 7.0.3 or later) at https://<VMware vCenter>.
  2. Click Login to Launch vSphere Client.
  3. In the vSphere Client, from the main menu list, click NSX. The NSX page is displayed.
  4. From the vSphere Client, accesss the NSX Manager UI.
  5. Configure a backup location and perform backup. See Configure Backups.
  6. If the NSX Manager is deleted for some reason, connectivity between the NSX Manager and VMware vCenter is lost.
  7. With admin privileges, log in to VMware vCenter, at https://<VMware vCenter>.
  8. Install NSX Manager. See Install NSX Manager and Available Appliances topic in the NSX Installation Guide.
  9. Configure a backup location. See Configure Backups.
  10. Restore the backup. See Restore a Backup.


Restore is complete. You can access the NSX UI from VMware vCenter.