Gateway Firewall Settings include options for gateway specific settings, FQDN analysis, and URL filtering.

Gateway Specific Settings

To view Gateway Firewall Settings navigate to Security > Gateway Firewall > Settings > Gateway Specific Settings. Click TURN ON for the Tier-1 or Tier-0 gateway firewall you want to activate.

FQDN Analysis

Navigate to Security > Gateway Firewall > Settings > FQDN Analysis. Select the edge cluster/node name upon which you want to activate FQDN Analysis. Click TURN ON. ​Once activated, the URL database will be downloaded to each cluster member. FQDN ​Analysis is applied to all internet-bound traffic passing through the edge cluster.

URL Filtering

Navigate to Security > Gateway Firewall > Settings > URL Filtering to view the Reject with Response message.

The Reject with Response page is sent only for http traffic. The response page will contain the URL (first 10 bytes show), Category, Source IP and message-text. Enter the message for the Reject with Response page. Click Preview Page to view the page that will be sent when access to a URL is blocked by a policy.