Know the scenarios to replace an existing NSX Edge node with a physical server or with an NSX Edge VM.

If you encounter any of the following scenarios, you might want to consider replacing or redeploying NSX Edge nodes deployed in your network:
  • A Bare Metal server (physical server) used as an NSX Edge node crashed.
  • An NSX Edge VM appliance reached defunct status.
  • An NSX Edge VM appliance placement (network/datastore/compute, form factor, latency sensitivity, CPU and memory) needs to be changed.

Supported replacement paths are:

Action Supported Path (From... To) Reasons

Replace Hardware

From Physical Server or NSX Edge VM to Physical Server

  • Hardware crash

  • New physical server requirement

Redeploy NSX Edge

From Physical Server or NSX Edge VM to NSX Edge VM

  • Change required to compute, storage, network, CPU, memory, latency sensitivity settings of the existing NSX Edge node.

  • Defunct NSX Edge node