You can monitor the logical port activity for example, to troubleshoot network congestion and packets being dropped


Verify that a logical switch port is configured. See Connecting a VM to a Logical Switch in Manager Mode.


  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Select Networking > Logical Switches > Ports
  3. Click the name of a port.
  4. Click the Monitor tab.
    The port status and statistics are displayed.
  5. To download a CSV file of the MAC addresses that has been learned by the host, click Download MAC Table.
  6. To monitor activity on the port, click Begin Tracking.
    A port tracking page opens. You can view the bidirectional port traffic and identify dropped packets. The port tracker page also lists the switching profiles attached to the logical switch port.


If you notice dropped packets because of network congestion, you can configure a QoS switching profile for the logical switch port to prevent data loss on preferred packets. See Understanding QoS Switching Profile.