BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection) is a protocol that can detect forwarding path failures.

BFD can back up sessions for BGP and static routes.


In NSX, only IPv4 is supported. Starting with NSX, both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

For more information about BGP, see Configure BGP.

For more information about static routes, see Configure a Static Route.


  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Select Networking > Tier-0 Gateways.
  3. To edit a tier-0 gateway, click the menu icon (three dots) and select Edit.
  4. Click Routing and Set for Static Route BFD Peer.
  5. Click Add Static Route BFD Peer.
  6. Select a BFD profile. See Add a BFD Profile.
  7. Enter the peer IP address and optionally the source addresses.
  8. Click Save.